Madison VanDenburg Performing at Saratoga Race Course
Track season is going to be kicking off July 11th, and it looks like local musician and "American Idol" contestant Madison VanDenburg will be there to help kick off the season.
According to the Times Union, Madison VanDenburg will be at the Saratoga Race Course opening weekend …
The 5 Best Things About The Saratoga Race Course
It’s track season in Saratoga!
You have to admit- there are some pretty awesome things about the Saratoga Race Course. Now, obviously there are more than five great things about the Saratoga Race Course, and there are tons of different things to enjoy at the track...
Clydesdale Snowball Fight
I know we are all sick of the cold an the snow, but here is something to make you laugh that has to deal with snow! This classic Budweiser commercial is hilarious and is proof that they don't make commercials like this anymore! It was made in 2005
Horse Owners Beware
Horse owners across the state of New York should make sure their horses are vaccinated against Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) as well as the West Nile Virus.
Travers Honors
I refuse to claim to be a huge thoroughbred racing fanatic. While I'm a horse enthusiast, racing is an entirely different ballgame. However, in the little bit that I have followed, the name D. Wayne Lukas stands out in my mind.
Celebrities That Are Cool Cause They Have Horses
For those of you who don't know me very well, I'm a huge horse enthusiast.  When I'm not on the radio or at work, period, I'm almost always in the barn or doing something horse related.  Anyone who owns horses knows its a very close community...
Saratoga Race Track Hosts College Day
Today is "College Day" at the Saratoga Race Course which means that students with a valid college ID can get in for free!  Plus, the first 1,000 college students through the gates will get free stuff!
Saratoga Race Course Announces Summer Giveaways
If you've never been to the track then you won't appreciate this news.  However, if you are one of the many that loves to go to Saratoga Race Course in the summer, especially when they are giving away the "free gifts"

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