Smartphone Photography Tips
Have you ever had those moments when you were out with friends or enjoying nature and got the urge to take some artsy pictures but all you had was your smartphone camera? Well instead of lugging your huge SLR camera around here are some tips to get some great shots with just your smartphone includin…
Boiled in Coca-Cola
This guy has WAY too many iPhones laying around and he decided to see if he could boil it... in Coca-Cola. lol
Don't Boil Your iPhone In Coca-Cola-
Or If You Burn Your iPhone-
Bake Your iPhone!
Let me start out by saying, don't try this at home kids! Your iPhone will not work the same! Can You Bake An iPhone? Watch the video below and find out!
Apple Pulls iOS 8 Update
Apple has decided to pull their new iOS 8 update that was released last week and that everyone has been busy downloading to their iPhones.  Numerous users complained to the company that the new operating system killed their ability to make calls and also, wasn't recognizing their Touch IDs…
iPhone 6 Mayhem at Crossgates Mall
Today is the day that tech users have been waiting for- the iPhone 6 is set to hit shelves and people are eager to get their hands on the newest version of the popular iPhone.
This is the case for many people in the Capital Region that flocked to Crossgates Mall to try and get one of the coveted phon…

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