If Marijuana Becomes Legal, Should NY Employers Still Test?
Should employers be testing for something if it's legal?
Back in May, I posted about how more employers in New York were dropping drug testing.  The topic has come up again in the news, and the area still seems to be vague as New York seems to be getting closer to the legalization of m…
Adirondack High: Almost 180 Pounds of Pot Seized in NY
Talk about a fresh mountain high!
Almost 180 pounds of pot were seized in the Adirondack Mountains.  What's going to happen with all of that pot?  Who knows.  But we do know, according to News 10 abc, that 178 pounds of marijuana were seized over a five day period by Border P…
Should People Be Prosecuted for Marijuana in the Capital District
Legal charges surrounding marijuana stem from fines and violations to jail time.  However, one District Attorney in New York is going against this, and announced that he will no longer prosecute low-level marijuana cases.  And really, if you're caught with possession of a small amount…

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