Is Derek Jeter Getting Married?
According to TMZ, a big party is planned for this upcoming weekend on Long Island and it could in fact be the marital bliss of Derek Jeter (40) and "girlfriend," Hannah Davis (24).  Now, I say "girlfriend" in air quotes because Davis was seen last October, if…
How Many Kids Should You Have?
I'm all about the quizzes lately, for some reason.  Despite hating them when I was in school for what seemed like eternity, I find these type of quizzes fun, refreshing and a bit insightful regarding the present time.
Some Honesty for Women Who Don’t Have Children
Someone shared an interesting blog on Facebook this morning thanking woman who have chosen not to have children thus far.  Coming from a young woman who has yet to be married and unsure if children are in my future, I found this article dead on and refreshing.
Khloe Kardashian Moving on From Lamar
Much speculation has been circulating around Khloe Kardashian and her marital status.  She was seen this past Monday leaving a club with a few friends, including the rapper, Game.