Check Out This Creative Mechanicville ‘McPromposal’ [PICS]
When you live in a small town like Mechanicville and want to make a statement, or in this case, a promposal, you use the one main sign in the heart of the city. That's what Jason Carron Jr. (JJ) used the Mechanicville McDonald's sign to do the asking for him. The thing is, his girlfriend a…
Hiring: McDonald’s Massive One-Day Job Recruitment
The good news is that McDonald's restaurants are planning to reopen their indoor dining areas and as a result, a massive statewide hiring spree is happening.  The bad news - if there is any - is that it's one-day only and it's today.  If you or someone you know is looking fo…
Capital Region McDonald’s Hiring Now
When the coronavirus hit hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs. Now with Phase 3 open and other businesses slowly reopening, McDonald's is looking to hire hundreds of thousands of workers nationwide. That means hundreds of jobs are open here in the Capital Region
Free Food This Month
I love food and more than that, I love free food. If you're looking for where you can save some money on some of your favorite places to eat lunch, I can help you out!
Where You Can Get Free Food During August [LIST]
Food is the best. Yes, it's necessary to live but I just love food and I especially love free food. I found a list that breaks down everywhere you can get free food this month, mark these dates off on your calendar.

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