Northway Construction Ahead Of Schedule
If you have traveled the Northway at all in the past few months, you know that the construction is a nuisance. But you may have also noticed that they have made significant progress. Officials say they are ahead of schedule.
Why Is There No Exit 3 on the Northway?
I know you noticed it, it's Capital Region lore at this point. You're driving on the Northway passing Exit 5...Exit 4...and all of a sudden you're at Exit 2. You knew it didn't exist but have you ever wondered why we have no Exit 3?
Albany Airport Getting Millions To Upgrade
I love that the Albany International Airport is small enough to be convenient and big enough to fly to many destinations that I love. But the roadway getting to the airport and has always been a major concern. Well help is on the way in the form of millions of dollars.
A Northway Nightmare
All things being equal, this may literally be my biggest fear on the road, and it happened yesterday on the Northway!
Lots of Delays on Northway Today
This morning on Facebook someone posted a photo of the Northway backed up with traffic and I honestly didn't really think too much about it until I just got off the phone with someone else three hours later and they were saying it was still at a stop-and-go.
Northway Baby
We have all seen it once or twice. Someone driving on the Northway going 100 mph, and you think, what's the rush? Well, in this case "the rush" was woman in labor!

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