Albany Dogs At Risk with Distemper Outbreak
I saw a post from a woman who had to put her dog down because of being unaware of the risk of distemper. She wanted other Capital Region dog owners to be warned and to know how to protect your pet!
Downtown Albany Dog Park Coming Soon
It's hard being a dog owner and finding a place for your furry friend to stretch their legs and have play dates especially if you live in a major city. Well there is good news if you live in downtown Albany.
If Dogs Could Apologize...
Eaten shoes, farts on your lap, jumping on your friends. You yell at your dog and you can tell that you have made them feel bad and that they would apologize to you if they could. Here is what it might sound like.
What Does The Breed Of Your Dog Say About You?
A new survey put out by the International Business Times, claims that the amount of money you makes determines what type of dog you buy.  For example, anyone who owns a Pug, earn the most money and are most likely to be happily married.
Retail Stores That Allow Dogs
Now that the summer weather is over for the most part, it's nice to take your pup for a ride in the car especially if you're running around town doing errands because you can leave them in the car and not worry about them overheating this time of year.
Major Dog Food Recall
It is always scary when you hear about any sort of recall, but especially when is comes to your family pet.  Pedigree is the latest brand to issue a voluntary recall.
Dog & Owner Reunited After Two Years [VIDEO]
Most people are either a dog person or a non-dog person.  And if you're fortunate to appreciate the relationship a dog has with you or someone else you know, then this video will surely touch your heart.
Human Food You CAN Give Your Dog
Growing up, we use to give everything to our dog unless it had chocolate in it.  That was back when you could also give your dog milk and it wouldn't give them "worms."  However, with the two dogs I have now, I'm very careful with what I give them

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