Flying High? TSA Won’t Take Your Pot at Albany Airport
When you go through the Albany International Airport checkpoint you won't have to worry about having a small amount of marijuana on you. If you have a small amount of pot, TSA agents and police will no longer seize it, arrest you, or even issue a ticket not just at Albany International Airport …
Mayors Meet to Discuss Marijuana
The New York State Conference of Mayors recently got together for a summit on legalizing marijuana.
CBS6 reported on the summit, which including New York politicians and policy makers, and some from other states who spoke.  Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan did make some comments on marijuana and …
One Major NY Group is Speaking Out Against Legal Marijuana
There’s been a lot of talk recently about legalizing recreational marijuana in New York.  However, one major group is speaking out about it.
The Times Union recently posted about the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police speaking out about legalizing marijuana,…

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