National Puppy Day- Is There a Limit?
Today is one of my favorite National holidays, National Puppy Day. I have a 3 year old Papitese (half Maltese, Half Papillon) named Lucy, am I allowed to celebrate?
New Budweiser Commercial
Someone was just saying yesterday how they saw the new Budweiser commercial not  because their was a cute guy and cute puppy starring in it, but because it really struck a nerve with the message it delivered.
Kitten Waits All Day For Puppy To Come Home [VIDEO]
Well, this will surely put a smile on your face.  A puppy who was not feeling very well after having an allergic reaction to certain grasses, breaking out in hives.  The puppy ended up going to the vet so he could be put on Benadryl and steroids.
There is always that argument in regards to people and even animals -- are they born the way they turn out or did their life experiences mold them?

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