Round Lake Woman Rescues Plowed-In Kitty
It's easy to see how a relatively small animal could get trapped under a vehicle and barricaded by snow during the massive storm we got this week.  But what's hard to comprehend, is how a 2-year-old kitty could survive such an ordeal in the harsh, cold conditions while trapped, scared and covered in…
It’s National Mutt Day
Wasn't it just National Mutt Day this Summer? Why, yes it was! National Mutt Day celebrates mixed breed dogs on July 31st as well as today, December 2nd! If you have an issue with that you are "barking" up the wrong tree!
Three Nuns Adopt Dog on Death Row
Such an absolutely touching story -- three nuns from Nyack, New York had just lost their 7-year old dog, Kate, rather quickly to lymphoma.  They were heavily grieving her loss.  A dog who had added energy and comedy to their lives.  The women have served 179 years as nuns,
Valatie Soldier Saves Afghan Dog
This is an incredible story. We hear so much about animals being rescued here in the U.S., but this particular soldier was able to rescue a dog from Afghanistan while serving in the military.