social distancing

Golf Course Opens For Social Distancing Fun
Good news for golfers and those who want to do a different kind of social distancing fun. A local golf course and driving range opening this week will have new protocols during the coronavirus outbreak.
Free Chipotle Delivery Through March
Everyone is trying to follow social distancing during this coronavirus outbreak. To make it easier, Chipotle has announced it will offer free delivery throughout the month of March.
Taco Bell Ready to go Drive-Thru Only
In the times that we live in with social distancing because of the coronavirus outbreak, Taco-Bell is going to be changing. They have decided to go drive-thru only if necessary.
What Is Social Distancing? [CHART]
Now with most schools in the Capital Region closed for at least a week and some for a month, it is important to know what the term "social distancing" means. Here is a chart that tells you where and what you should be doing during the coronavirus outbreak.
Anyone Else Loving the Idea of Social Distancing?
I figured out something about myself this weekend.  I'm really good at social distancing.  Stay in, put on sweats, hang out with my son and girlfriend, eat food, watch Netflix, take a nap, sanitize my hands, make a milkshake, text a few friends, and check in on the elderly. I'm a freaking pro after …