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Anti Paparazzi Law Stalled
Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler is having trouble adding "lawmaker" to his resume. Seems his bill, dubbed the Steven Tyler Act, which passed in the Hawaii State Senate, had hit a wall in the Aloha State's House of Representatives.
Where is a 'Schoolhouse Rock' song…
Steven Tyler Responds to Nicki Minaj’s Racist Accusations
Not a single, solitary episode of 'American Idol' Season 12 has aired yet and it's already rife with plenty of Nicki Minaj-generated controversy. Forget Mariah-gate. That's so last month.
Steven Tyler has already offered a response to Minaj's pointed accusations that he's a racist (due to comments he…
Nicki Plays Race Card
In addition to her other much-publicized feud with fellow 'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey, seems Nicki Minaj is now squaring off against a former judge: Steven Tyler.
Because yeah, she's that kind of crazy.