Local College Campuses Are Going Smoke-Free in 2019
While there's a push to make recreational marijuana legal in 2019, some local colleges are getting more strict and going completely smoke-free in the new year.
Cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, Ecigarettes, hookahs- doesn't matter if it's legal or not,  it's all not allowed on t…
College Introduces 'Cry Closet' for Stressed Students
Is there anything better to studying to the sound of your fellow classmate's misery?

College is a pretty crazy time for a lot of young students. Some have it worse than others. Have you ever been so stressed out that you just needed a good cry?
Students at SUNY Albany were evidently very "happy" that the weather here in Upstate, New York was finally starting to get a little bit nicer -- nice enough to enjoy the campus
NY College Students Arrested for Giving Beer to Dog
Two college students in Brockport, New York were arrested and charged for forcing a dog to drink beer.  Both men were charged with animal abuse after a student took a photo of the incident and posted it on a Twitter account that featured stories and pictures of students throwing parties at New …