Dad Bod vs Fit Bod: The Results Are In!
It's a fact, women prefer the dad-bod over 6 pack-abs and it's a pretty good day because of it.  Two-thirds of women say that they prefer a little flab covering them abs. And on behalf of all of the men out like me who are not afraid to admit it, thank you...
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Men Purposely Suck At Housework
Okay, ladies -- here is the proof!  A new survey says 43% of men purposely don't do housework well just so us women get fed up and just do it ourselves.  Unreal!  You know chores like cleaning the bathroom, cleaning around the toilet, ironing, washing the dishes, making the bed, …
Daily Internet Is More Important Than Daily Showers
A new survey has found that the majority of the population feel the Internet is more important on a daily basis than a daily shower.  Now I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I'm not afraid to admit that one of the first things I do when my alarm goes off is grab my phone.
What Casey Will Never Try Again
Have you ever tried something thinking, "Hey,everyone else is doing it, maybe I should try it, too?" Wrong!
"What if your friends jump off a bridge, would you try jumping off a bridge, too?"
No one can forget that saying.
Just this morning our brain crush trivia question was about…