David’s Bridal Goes Bankrupt
Well, that’s not an exciting wedding-related announcement!
David’s Bridal has filed for bankruptcy.  However, according to a post by WNYT, if you’ve already ordered a dress- you’re safe.  The company is in more than $400 m…
Incredible Surprise From Dad At Daughter’s Wedding [VIDEO]
This is so fabulous.  A father decided to dedicate a song to his daughter on her wedding day.  Not necessarily by singing the song or putting a slideshow together for her with the music playing, but instead, by lip syncing the lyrics and doing sign language along with it.
Is Derek Jeter Getting Married?
According to TMZ, a big party is planned for this upcoming weekend on Long Island and it could in fact be the marital bliss of Derek Jeter (40) and "girlfriend," Hannah Davis (24).  Now, I say "girlfriend" in air quotes because Davis was seen last October, if…
Groomsmen Choreograph Wedding Dance [VIDEO]
We've all been to weddings.  Whether it's Glen Sanders Mansion, the Hall of Springs, the Sagamore, the Desmond.  And after a while they all seem to blur together.  So how do you set one wedding apart from another?
'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2' in the Works
2002's 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' was a box office phenomenon when it was released. Really, it was a legitimate phenomenon that made over $240 million domestically and is still one of the most successful independent films ever made. Though it may be a little late in the game, there&ap…
Where Will YOU Be in Five Years
It's amazing how we get into routines on a daily basis and feel like our lives will always be that way.  Then a big change comes that we never expected either for the better or the worse.
How Many Kids Should You Have?
I'm all about the quizzes lately, for some reason.  Despite hating them when I was in school for what seemed like eternity, I find these type of quizzes fun, refreshing and a bit insightful regarding the present time.

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