If you've ever worked in an office or better yet, currently work in a professional group setting, there are definitely a few things that will get on you nerves after a little while.  You know what I'm talking about. Or you can at lease name three people that just drive you nuts no matter what they do.

Well, there's a list out of the "21 Biggest Pet Peeves at the Office" and I have to say, it's pretty spot on.  While I refuse to name anyone from my company "specifically," there are at least 10 annoyances on this list I can relate to.


#1 -- Office Gossip: it bugs me when people purposely pop in just to see "how things are going," "what's new," or "everything okay?" Fishing...that's what that is.

#2 - Smelly Food: Gross!  I do not want to smell the leftover tilapia you had last night reheating in the office microwave.  That stench does NOT go away.

#3 - Empty Pot of Coffee: Why would you put an empty pot back?  We have a water cooler here that for some reason is always borderline empty when I go to get some water.  Am I the only one that knows where the garage is?

#4 - Having Your Food Stolen: I tend to find myself hiding my Half 'n Half in non-labeled containers just so no one helps themselves.  Creamer is a hot commodity in my building.

#5 - Bad Parking: Granted I come in way earlier than the majority of our building, I can't stand when people are completely unaware that anyone else needs to park next to them.

One pet peeve that I did not mention nor made it on the list was lurking.  I can't stand when people think that whatever you're doing on "your computer" is their business just because they are standing right there.