Just in time for the first weekend of spring 2021, here are your must-visit destinations for ice cream in the months ahead. And this year, a new #1 is crowned!

Besides the obvious first day of spring on the calendar this Saturday, there are several signals we get in the month of March that warmer days are ahead. Our clocks spring ahead. That first random 60-degree day. And our local ice cream shops and stands begin to emerge from their winter hibernation.

So as we prepare to make our regular visits to indulge in a cold, sweet treat, it's time to go through our annual ritual of determining the best ice cream spots in the Capital Region, chosen by you. There was no particular criteria here (ie. soft serve or hard ice cream). We just asked the simple question - where is the best shop or stand to get ice cream in the area? Here are the best, according to you, GNA Nation - and this year, we have a new shop in the top spot of this list!

The Capital Region's Best Ice Cream Shops

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