It seems as though Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift are just a few of the celebrities competing for the same prestigious title of being "Person Of The Year," named by Time Magazine for 2014.  Thoughts?  You wonder which one of these famous women will win the crown.  If we look back on the year at a whole, we remember that Beyoncé blew up the Internet with her iTunes album that NO ONE knew about!!!  Absolutely incredible marketing scheme and absolutely incredible music.  She really proved to her fans why she is Queen Bey.

Then of course there was the wedding of Kim Kardashian to Kanye West.  Can we say third time is a charm?!?  I can't help, but think she may have known she was in the running for this, even slightly and THAT'S why she put out that picture last week that was COMPLETELY photoshopped.  Come on!

And then we have Taylor Swift -- the country gal who is now the New York City ambassador and has fully crossed over to Pop Music land.  Boy am I glad she did!  I didn't think anything would be catchier than "Shake It Off,' but I'm loving her latest "Blank Space!"  Definitely two great tracks already!  You go girl!

Time Magazine wants your vote!  Who do you choose?