Earlier in the week, we ran down the list of the most popular baby names used for newborn babies during this past year.  For all of us who did not have a child or are even close to being pregnant, we may have bought/adopted a pup instead.

So, without further adieu, here are the top dog names for 2014, according to VetStreet.com.  I am proud to say I must have started the bandwagon for the name "Bentley" because I named my male Jack Russell five years ago and his name made the list.

Female Dogs:                                                            Male Dogs:

1 - Bella                                                                   1 -  Max

2 - Daisy                                                                   2 - Charlie

3 - Lucy                                                                    3 - Rocky

4 - Sadie                                                                   4 - Buddy

5 - Molly                                                                    5 - Cooper