This is great!  While my girlfriends and I always try to get together over the holidays (since we all live all over the place), we definitely don't try to go downtown or anything like that anymore.  I mean, there were numerous years that our high school classmates designated a certain bar in Albany to meet up at, but we have now succumbed to the "in town" bar as our go-to.  Granted I'm sure our parents would pick us up from downtown, regardless, but it's way easier to hitch a ride home when you know EVERYONE at the bar.

Here are some of my favorite top signs "You Are Too Old:"

#1 - You've been out of high school for at least 9 years

(aka you already celebrated your 10-year reunion)

#2 -  You only talk to three people from your graduating class

#3 - Your younger sibling isn't even going out 

#4 -  You run into kids you use to babysit...and they're legal!

#5 - You pluck your gray hairs at least once a week