No one ever said that criminals were smart people, but this one may take the prize for "World's Dumbest Criminal".Buzzfeed reports the Freeland Police Department in Florida were doing something they normally do over the weekend - posting photos of wanted criminals in their district. One of the wanted criminals made it pretty easy to find himself, too. When 35 year old Anthony James Lescowitch saw his own photo on the police department's Facebook page - he SHARED it from his own personal account just minutes after they did.

Facebook/Freeland Police Department

The Police Department didn't hesitate to jump on this mans stupidity, either. They quickly used a profile of a fake attractive young woman that captured Lescowitch's attention. He not only divudlged a bunch of additional information to the police thinking it was this young female, he agreed to meet up with her! A short 45 minutes later, the police had him arrested.

Just reminds us that sometimes its okay to not share EVERYTHING on social media... especially your own wanted poster!