This seems to be a thing. Tying a string to a little kid's loose tooth and a car...a a "Hunger Games" style bow and arrow...

Calvin is the youngster who is about to be front tooth-less, and he announces that this is the ‘Montana tooth pull.’

Now, I lived in Montana when I was of tooth loosing age and I never did what this little dude is about to do. I have to admit that I've never heard of the 'Montana tooth pull'. Maybe it's trending. Probably not.

What's the big rush to pull his tooth this way?

The boy’s front tooth was loose and causing him problems when eating and needed to be removed.

Calvin is just beginning to learn the skills of being an archer, so he's doing a little showing off as part of the tooth-pulling process. This 13 second clip is his third attempt.

They found the tooth about an hour later.

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