Not gonna lie, kind of tired of reading stories of people abandoning animals. Frankly, it irks me beyond belief. It's pretty simple, if you can't care for it you shouldn't have it. But let me give people the benefit of the doubt: If you can't care for it, at the very least, take it to a shelter. Apparently that's to much to ask.

On Jan. 1, Waterford police found two cats abandoned in a cardboard box without food or water in Clement Park. Fortunately, neighbors agreed to care for the cats until Saratoga County Animal Shelter could take them.

The good news?

Police found, who they believe, was responsible for dumping the cats: On Jan. 6 Lynneanne Snay was arrested and is being charged with Abandonment of Animals and is due back in Waterford Court on the 16th.

As for the cats? They are doing fine and preparations are being made for adoption via the Saratoga County Animal Shelter.

As for punishment, in my opinion, Snay should spend the night outside in a box. No need for food or water, it's to cold to eat.