I'm sure at this point we've all been there.  You come to terms with the fact that your relationship is not going anywhere or it's so bad you want to just scream at each other.  So you pull the plug, go your separate ways, and pretend that you can still, at the least, be Facebook friends.  However, can you really?  Not so much because you don't want to see what they post, but because you want to take down any reminisces of your relationship so that any potential suitors know you are single.

So what is the right time to take down those photos of the ex?  Immediately -- just as fast as your changed your Facebook relationship status?  Or does it not really matter?  After all, the past is the past and any future prospects should be secure enough to realize that.  Or is it only proper  to stow away those memories (archive) and move on?

I want to know your opinion: