In a way, you can sort of relate. With the anger, not the crime over a hash brown.

We have all had moments of anger sort of like Chelsea McGrath, 22 of Schenectady. You place a order you perceive as simple and it comes out messed up. Okay it has pickles. Pull em off, toss em out and be on your merry way. Not for Chelsea.

McGrath placed an order which involved a hash brown. Her order came out with one and to her wasn't as hot as she would have liked. We have literally all been there. You just shake it off and move on though right? Literally, these things sit under a heating lamp while waiting to be ordered. You'd think at least they'd be warm.

News 10 is claiming this to be an incident of "Food Rage", classic line. McGrath is being accused of smashing a glass counter top inside of the restaurant and then fleeing. She is facing charges from Troy Police of criminal damage to property. See her at the link below.