A woman down in Florida is now threatening to sue the hair cutting chain "Great Clips" for a bad haircut she received.  She claims they left a bald spot and butchered her hair.  However, judging from the photos, there wasn't much to do with what they had started with.  I'm beginning to think people are getting a bit sue-happy.

The manager of the particular location fired the stylist after the incident and offered the woman a $60 wig.  Plus, gave her free weekly visits to try to fix her hair as it grew out.  But of course, no one nowadays, is ever satisfied with the customer service they receive and now she is demanding $1,000.

All I have to say is that if a hair salon has to put an adjective like "Great" or "Super" and the stylist looks about 16 -- what did you honestly expect?

Check out the full story and photos for yourself with CBS.