Stories like this are spooky: It's the 'creep factor' that makes me not a fan. Think about it? You wake up to a random person standing in your bedroom: No thanks. It's hard enough for me to come out of my late night coma let alone deal with a random human being standing in my sleep space as I come out of said 'coma'. None the less, it happened- here's the story.

A Queensbury woman (who was sound asleep) woke up to a teenager snooping around in her room Saturday night around 11:45. The 'teenager',16 yr-old Cassidy Leroux, was quickly chased out of the woman's home, by the woman. The victim immediately called police with Cassidy being picked up a short time later on Corinth Road via the Warren County Sheriff's.

Ms. Leroux entered the victim's home through an unlocked door and was found to have the homeowners cell phone in her possession which pretty much seals the deal for her being the late night bedroom snooper.

Cassidy Leroux was arrested and arraigned in Queensbury Justice Court and released. As of late, no charges have been made available.