Yahoo! made an announcement yesterday regarding a security breach of customers and their email accounts.  The breach affects Yahoo mail users.  Apparently, numerous usernames AND passwords were retrieved by hackers.

Yahoo has not released the exact number of accounts that were affected.  However, in case you didn't know, they are the second-largest email service worldwide with 273 million accounts wide open -- 81 million here in the U.S.


Joe Raedle, Getty Images.

Multiple big name companies have fallen victim to a security breach recently.  Up to 70 million Target customers were affected during Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping.  Neiman Marcus also had a similar security breach in December.  And just this week, we told you about a generic credit card scam that could affect you if you see a $9.84 charge on your account statement.

Yahoo! is taking necessary steps to remedy the situation.  They will resetting passwords for affected accounts and has "implemented additional measures."


Best bet -- reset your password just to be safe.  Maybe reset some of your other, stale passwords since most of us reuse many of them on shopping sites and so forth.