Well, you may recall in October, Arby's released a venison burger. This is on the opposite end of the spectrum and I bet you will love it!

You need to go to the Arby's on Wolf Road in Colonie for one reason, well maybe get a sandwich too. Go for their donut holes. You heard that right. I am sure you think I'm nuts to say "Yeah, go to Arby's for donut holes" right? Wrong, these aren't just any donut holed but in fact are Oreos Donut Holes.

That, even for me who doesn't like sweets all that much, sounds delicious. I mean we all love Oreos cookies. We all love donut holes. Why not combine them! That's exactly what they did and I love it. I will be hopping in the car a little later before the NFL Championship games mind you, and on my way to Colonie for these bite-sized wonders!