Congratulations!  If this is your car, YOU are the winner of the YOU SUCK AT PARKING Award for July!

Wow, rarely do you get a single vehicle taking up this much room...not only in ONE parking space, but encroaching into a HANDICAPPED space as well. Bravo, sir or madam!

Clearly you have had extensive experience in poor parking.

Well done.  Your slack attitude to pulling in straight and blatant disregard for basic operation of a vehicle has paid off! Your Y.S.A.P. certificate, suitable for framing, was slipped under your windshield wiper; However, if you can't even comply to the basic rules of a parking lot, chances are you didn't see your award on your windshield. Bummer.

Remember,  the next time you see someone exhibiting "creative parking", snap a pic and sent it to me on Twitter @FollowMikeNow or @Rewind1057 or instant message me on the Rewind 105.7 page on Facebook and please include YOUR name and town (so we can give you credit -- or if you want to remain anonymous, just tell us. It's cool).

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